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hire flair bartender anywhere in India(Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, kolkata, Bangalore, hydredbad, chennai)

Flairology Bar school & events proudly presents Pankaj Kamble & Sachin Gowda prodigies with a knack of Mixology & Flair, creative and craze for innovation is what can easily define them. Celebrated Guinness world record holders in a mega event organized by colors. They also holds the records of being the youngest record holder, both nationally and internationally, and also announced as Top 2 flair bartenders in Indiaat Skyy vodka Global flair bartending competition 2011 held at Grand Hyatt, 1st Sachin has also represented India in Dubai at Skyy global flair bartending 2011, 2nd Pankaj Kamble and are now training bartenders with various moves and style of flair bartending throughout India, they are in demand in this industry since last 3yrs, organizing various flair bar tending shows and events by the likes of 5 star property and standards, armed with years of dedicated flair bar-tending experience. They are certified party rocker; get ready to experience the best.

Events and promotion
branding and product launching
wedding and corporates function
private parties

Follow the Link for Video and photo of flair bartending (extremely energetic)

Duration: 2 sequences of 6-7 mins each (Fire Show & Flair)
   3-4 hours at the Bar.

Travel required for 3 people from Pune (By Air)
Stay: 1 double (F&B: Room Service)
Technical rider to be provided. 

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Journey to Molecular Mixology hottest trend in Indian markert-with Flairology Bar School and events

Journey to Molecular mixology 

-----Pankaj kamble 
Flairology Bar school & Events

The term Molecular Mixology (MM) itself will make you go crazy and confused, and will make you think and rethink, all of suddenly you will go back to you college or school day where chemistry was one of the boring chapter, density the gravity, physical and the chemical properties, but now trends have change bartender have started referring their chemistry book, as to how a chemical react with each other,their density, their properties, Molecular Mixology is one on the interesting topic discussed among the bartenders these days  globally, though once you understand the fundamental concept it isn't difficult to play with the chemical and slowly after lillte studies and experiment with ingredient you will definitely think of innovating stuff.

Well when I heard this term Molecular Mixology it was quite wired for me, the first time I tired a molecular cocktail was the foam it was around three years (sept 2009), it was a flop show , videos and blog helped me a lot to understand the concept  and at last  I coould make various molecularc such as the caviar, foam smoke gelification , nitrogen cocktail, raviolle , etccc and off  course Mr Rohn carvallho;s workshop help to perfect the art, though few equipment required are expensive but are affordable, yes but you can have a substitute for them (it requires knowledge).  another thing which will obstruk you is the chemical, it difficult to find food grade chemicals in India


Molecular Mixology DEFINITION

The purpose is to manipulate states of matter to create   new flavors, feels, textures and visuals that enhance the drink and make the drinker's experience more interesting.
Application of scientific analysis, techniques & equipment's to mixing.

The earliest example of what we now call molecular mixology is the long-established bartending practice of layering ingredients in cocktails. This experimentation with the density and viscosity of fluids uses the principles of scientific investigation that are fundamental to molecular mixology.

Basic chemical required
•Agar Agar
•Calcium Salts - Calcium Lactate, Calcium chloride
•Sodium Alginate
•Soy Lecithin
•Xanthan Gum

Technique for making molecular cocktail

Food grade quality refers to the minimum standard for substances to qualify as fit for human consumption or permitted to come in contact with food. These guidelines are defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

------PANKAJ KAMBLE (PUNE) Flairology Bar School and Events

journey to molecular mixology (India's hottest bartending trend)

Molecular mixology courses available in India
Bangalore, Mumbai (pune), delhi

Rohan Carvallho (bar square) mixoligist

Rohan jelki (tulleho bartening academy) mixologist & wine trainer (WSET)

what is flair bartendering by WFA (world flair Association)

Flair is described in the english dictionary

(i) a natural/ genius talent or apititude;
(ii) distinctive elegance or style;
(iii) instinctive discernment; keenness;
Flair bartending dates back to the early 1800's where bartenders used to mix fire liquids in order to impress their customers. Today flairing is considered a sport and a lifestyle by many. It combines and explosive mix of grace, agility and danger and it climaxes, not in the reedy whine of a referee's whistle, but in a cracking cocktail.
Dancing with glass and liquids ensures the full & complete attention of both performing bartender and spectator alike. Add music, photographers, screaming audiences and a double shot of intense competition and you begin to appreciate the skill levels displayed by the World's best flair bartenders.
The World Flair Association is a global network brought together by four giant names in the World of Flair, who felt there was a need in promoting & assisting different countries in their events by sharing their combined experiences gained by being heavily involved within the Flair and the service industry in general.
Whether in competition, exhibition or behind the bar the WFA prides itself in the sharing of knowledge, good times and providing the platform for modern ethical performance bartending and events organisation.
Since it's launch in the beginning of 2008 the WFA has gone from strength to strength and have seen unprecedented succes by linking like minded individuals the world over with the same passion and drive for the sport or art of flair as we can now proudly call it.

The WFA Team