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The Secret of perfect cocktail by

The secret of Perfect cocktail 

Beverages concoction  have been always very confusing, how to match & balance flavour, so many bottles 
Which to use? 
Why to use ?
When to use?
How much to use?

There is simple  solution to it, do not try to mix to many thing at one time without knowing , 
Try the classic concoction first, I mean the classic cocktail , they have been tried, tested and now a legacy, try them get a knack of flavour profiling, once you know the taste of your classic cocktail,
several book and recipe are available online. choose any collect the ingredient and start making
Now making a classic is easy, but how to make is perfect is more important , recipe will call for measurement and appropriate technique. but what is the most important part is the experience... you created 
so that is by I Say 
"Classic cocktail were created ages ago, but we can make it perfect by adding love, Shaking and stirring with passion and serving with a smile."

Now your Cocktail is perfect 

Now going further you can tweet with one flavour or ingredient at a time over period of time you will start understanding the flavour 

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Breast shape became shape of champagne saucer (Truth or myth) let’s see - by Flairology bar school Event and Consultancy

Breast shape became shape of champagne saucer (Truth or myth) let’s see

How do you drink your Champagne (we're hoping it's from a glass!) -- is it a Champagne flute or a Champagne coupe? Nowadays it seems the flute has become the preferred drinking vessel for sparkling wines, but it wasn't always that way. Before the flute arrived on the scene, the coupe was the go-to glass for Champagne. This petite bowl or saucer-shaped glass has a rather sordid origin. But even with its past, we think it's a glass worth looking out for -- and if you don't own any, you should consider buying a set (see our slideshow below).

Legend has it that the coupe glass was molded from Marie Antoinette's left breast, and that she wanted her court to toast her health by drinking from glasses shaped like her bosom. However, the truth is the glass was actually invented long before the reign of the queen, in 1663 in England. It was one of the first, if not the first, glasses invented specifically for drinking Champagne. So there goes that myth. However, there's more to this tale.
History does show that in fact, Marie Antoinette had porcelain bowls molded from her breast. They were designed for drinking milk as part of her "Pleasure Dairy" where the queen and her ladies-in-waiting would dress up as milkmaids and frolic, milking and churning butter all day in her rustically designed hamlet at Versailles. Called jattes tetons, each footed bowl had a nipple at its nadir and was supported by three decorative goat heads (the four original bowls still exist in the Musée National de Céramique de Sèvres in Paris). At the time they were designed, the queen was very much into a back-to-nature philosophy. Her actions helped convince noblewomen breast-feed their babies instead of relying on wet nurses (that fact just makes the bowls seem even stranger!).

So, if we take this into account, it seems like someone must have confused the history of the Champagne coupe glass with the actuality of the milk bowls. But other women in history, including Madam du Pompadour, Madame du Barry, Empress Josephine (Napolean's wife), Diane de Poitiers, Helen of Troy and photographer Lee Miller have all been thought to have inspired breast-shaped glasses. (In 2008 Dom Perignon revealed a glass designed after model Claudia Schiffer's bosom.) So Marie Antoinette's was not the one and only bosom to be equated with the coupe glass, but no one knows for sure what shape actually inspired the inventor of the glass. Anyway it never was the right glass for sparkling wine -- the bubbles dissipate much too quickly with all that surface area leaving us with only the option of chugging or risking the Champagne going flat. But supposedly Champagne wasn't always as fizzy as it is now.

Bartender from pune Juggling their way to success , Article in DNA tell more about them Flairology bar school & Events

An article in Dna

Flairology bar school & Events

Juggles and flips are an interesting way to present your drink and that has become a profession to Pankaj Kamble and Sachin Gowde of Pune. These bartenders not only make the correct concoction of drinks but also serve them in a very creative way that adds to the pizzazz of the drink.

  • bartenderSachin Gowde juggles bottles on fire at the Pune Flea market in April. Shashank Sane DNA

Guinness record holder
Kamble and Gowde hold a Guinness World Record for most number of cocktail flairs above the shoulder in a minute. Gowde placed first in the Skyy Vodka Global world Flair Bartending and Kamble secured second position in the same. "We don’t have a major educational degree but we really have no regrets", said Gowde, "Bartending is the best thing that has happened to us", he added.

It is a glamorous profession
Kamble has got to travel the world because of his bartending skills and is thankful that he had the opportunity to showcase it to a variety of people.
“This profession is glamorous and I am in deep love with it", added Kamble.

Bartending is a booming profession
"Everyone loves to drink in style, but how many know how to make that drink with style?” said Gowde who along with Kamble has formed an institute which certifies in Bartending.
"I want to make this profession acceptable in India and this will benefit the bartending community", expressed Kamble.

Gowde and Kamble have performed in several national and international events and hope to someday inspire youngsters with their unusual choice of a career.

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Bar consultancy services, training, beverage workshop, CocktailMenu designing, concept devepolment by Flairology bar school Event and Consultancy

Flairology bar school  Event and Consultancy


Flairology bar school  Event and Consultancy
 Is a Bar and Beverage company, deals in all the aspect of bar, which includes training bartender, organising bar operation, concept development, menu creation, bar setup, staff training to event organizing, FMBA has an dedicated Experience team with proven track records in beverage sector, well know in Indian market for their great achievement- GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, have won several National and international bartending competition.


Flairology bar school  Event and Consultancy
 proposed methodology is structured to control the time, cost and quality of the project, thus enhancing the success of the project and thereby increasing Client’s satisfaction. This is achieved by the systematic application of development and management tools, to determine the optimum development plan and project management systems. Innovation in ideal is the Mantra.

Consultant trainer @ Playboy
Flair Training Mixology training Operation
Menu development

Consultant for Sayaji Properties- Indore
Training and workshop on mixology
Menu and standards operation
Post 91
Menu Development
Bar and Beverage Training , Bar Set up.
Standards operation

Mapro India
Training on mixology
Beverage menu

World class Achievements

  • Review / Response of existing Menu & concept.
  • Conceptualisation of bar menu.
  • Menu planning, cost projection and Costing
  • Unique cocktail menu with Indo-western fusion style culture, stylish garnish, great taste, yet affordable
  • Molecular mixology with efficient cocktail making technique, to add wow affects
  • Classic Cocktail Menu
  • Seasonal Custom Made Cocktail Menu

    Bar Training 

  • Training of cocktail menu
  • Knowledge of brands and other product
  • Choreographic Flair Moves
  • Latest trends of Mixology
  • Craved Methods of making garnishes

    Sales and Cost Analysis
  • Sales analysis for Cocktail & Beverages response
  • Cost analysis for Cocktail And other Beverages
  • Beverage Cost Control
  • Supervision over the purchase, par stock and flow of stock.
Audit / Assessment
  • Assessment / audit of bar on monthly basics
  • Surprise audit
  • Audit for physical stock

    Bar setup and Organizing bar

  • Space utilisation, management and organising bar
  • Easy, comfortable, efficient bar for bartender
  • Up gradation and modernised bar equipment

  • +919594227880

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For the title of best Mixologist (bartender) of India Flairology bar school and events

About the First Mixologist competition I had won (Pankaj Kamble)

Monin Angostura Bitters cocktail national championship, one of the most prestigious cocktail competition in India, best mixologist of India compete with each other form different cities ,Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai  and I was from Pune,

Monin Angostura Bitters cocktail national championship had organized the events once again for the second year.

I was a Flair bartender or a Mixologist bit confused about my Whole Idea, as i like to Mix drinks in style.
The search had finally bought me to a conclusion that Flair and Mixology are part of one profession that is bar tendering and both cannot be separated from each other.

Here my journey begin towards Mixology, It was my second competition as a mixologist, Bacardi legacy cocktail competition, and lucky I was enough to get through to the second round and was in top 10 of the regional finals which were suppose to happen after two month, these competition had helped to understand the standards to be maintained, things to worked on, how to earn extra points, style of  working , hygiene, USP for winning, ingredients and their importance in cocktail and many more thing during competition.

During Bacardi competition I heard about Monin Angostura Bitters cocktail national championship coming soon............... and I took it very seriously and as a challenge..

it took me a whole week to bring all the ingredient together, thinking about a proper concoction was very difficult and a very tiring process. it was really fun exploring the new range of flavours
My thought was just revolving around the following

  • What will be my special ingredient?
  • What technique of making should I use?
  • What will be the importance of my ingredient?
  • Does my Cocktail Represent anything?
  • What flavor does bitters combine well with?
  • Why should my cocktail be chosen?
  • What will be my Glassware, My Garnish, My presentation,
  • And how will be my Cocktail Simple and different

various trial and error, experiment and reading helped me to find the final product.

The answer to my question was

Divine Portion.
Angostura White Rum-50 ml
Angostura Bitters-5 dashes
Rosso vermouth-15 ml
Elderflower syrup-10 ml
Tulsi flower -5 sprigs
Perrier Sparkling water-  To Top

Glass- Sparkling Crystal Tall Gall
Garnish- Tulsi flower sprayed with Angostura Bitters
Special attraction-Metal Straw with  metal stirrer and a Poetry to describe the cocktail


                         Technique of making-

cocktail was simple Tulsi flower -5 sprigs muddled with  dashes of Angostura bitters, followed by Rosso vermouth, Elder flower syrup Angostura White rum glass filled with Cracked ice and topped with sparkling water

Divine Portion- tell the Sage of life
I did a poetry to connect it to actually meaning of that cocktail and reason behind it .......

" Tulsi being the sacred plant of Hindus, is found in very house, it is belive that the plant spread a (positive vibe )magic in the atmosphere and keeps the negative vibes away, and a nightmare tell me the truth of our life"

" Whatever good or bad we do, we get payed for it here, My Tulsi as a Goddess thanks Bitterness as "devil"  also devils are also create by god to teach us lesson in our life"

" If life is all sweet and happy, and there is no sadness you wont know the other side of life, what and where your going wrong in life. the Realization of mistake is very bitter which guides you forever"

"red color of rosso vermouth is the symbol of death and anger"


DIVINE PORTION won Angostura bitters national final, held on 18th of oct in Delhi at kainoosh lounge. the competition was juded by Mr Yundup Lama (Owner/Partner at Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy), Sunit Goyal (Editor in Chief at Food and Nightlife Magazine), Mr Rohan Jelkei (Training Manager at Tulleeho Portals Pvt Ltd), Mr Andria (Monin Global head marketing and innovation)   and two more i do not remember their names,
now will represent India in Global Final in Trinidad and Tabago on 14th Feb 2013..

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hire flair bartender anywhere in India(Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, kolkata, Bangalore, hydredbad, chennai)

Flairology Bar school & events proudly presents Pankaj Kamble & Sachin Gowda prodigies with a knack of Mixology & Flair, creative and craze for innovation is what can easily define them. Celebrated Guinness world record holders in a mega event organized by colors. They also holds the records of being the youngest record holder, both nationally and internationally, and also announced as Top 2 flair bartenders in Indiaat Skyy vodka Global flair bartending competition 2011 held at Grand Hyatt, 1st Sachin has also represented India in Dubai at Skyy global flair bartending 2011, 2nd Pankaj Kamble and are now training bartenders with various moves and style of flair bartending throughout India, they are in demand in this industry since last 3yrs, organizing various flair bar tending shows and events by the likes of 5 star property and standards, armed with years of dedicated flair bar-tending experience. They are certified party rocker; get ready to experience the best.

Events and promotion
branding and product launching
wedding and corporates function
private parties

Follow the Link for Video and photo of flair bartending (extremely energetic)

Duration: 2 sequences of 6-7 mins each (Fire Show & Flair)
   3-4 hours at the Bar.

Travel required for 3 people from Pune (By Air)
Stay: 1 double (F&B: Room Service)
Technical rider to be provided. 

Contact us on 9594227880/99673098

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Journey to Molecular Mixology hottest trend in Indian markert-with Flairology Bar School and events

Journey to Molecular mixology 

-----Pankaj kamble 
Flairology Bar school & Events

The term Molecular Mixology (MM) itself will make you go crazy and confused, and will make you think and rethink, all of suddenly you will go back to you college or school day where chemistry was one of the boring chapter, density the gravity, physical and the chemical properties, but now trends have change bartender have started referring their chemistry book, as to how a chemical react with each other,their density, their properties, Molecular Mixology is one on the interesting topic discussed among the bartenders these days  globally, though once you understand the fundamental concept it isn't difficult to play with the chemical and slowly after lillte studies and experiment with ingredient you will definitely think of innovating stuff.

Well when I heard this term Molecular Mixology it was quite wired for me, the first time I tired a molecular cocktail was the foam it was around three years (sept 2009), it was a flop show , videos and blog helped me a lot to understand the concept  and at last  I coould make various molecularc such as the caviar, foam smoke gelification , nitrogen cocktail, raviolle , etccc and off  course Mr Rohn carvallho;s workshop help to perfect the art, though few equipment required are expensive but are affordable, yes but you can have a substitute for them (it requires knowledge).  another thing which will obstruk you is the chemical, it difficult to find food grade chemicals in India


Molecular Mixology DEFINITION

The purpose is to manipulate states of matter to create   new flavors, feels, textures and visuals that enhance the drink and make the drinker's experience more interesting.
Application of scientific analysis, techniques & equipment's to mixing.

The earliest example of what we now call molecular mixology is the long-established bartending practice of layering ingredients in cocktails. This experimentation with the density and viscosity of fluids uses the principles of scientific investigation that are fundamental to molecular mixology.

Basic chemical required
•Agar Agar
•Calcium Salts - Calcium Lactate, Calcium chloride
•Sodium Alginate
•Soy Lecithin
•Xanthan Gum

Technique for making molecular cocktail

Food grade quality refers to the minimum standard for substances to qualify as fit for human consumption or permitted to come in contact with food. These guidelines are defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

------PANKAJ KAMBLE (PUNE) Flairology Bar School and Events

journey to molecular mixology (India's hottest bartending trend)

Molecular mixology courses available in India
Bangalore, Mumbai (pune), delhi

Rohan Carvallho (bar square) mixoligist

Rohan jelki (tulleho bartening academy) mixologist & wine trainer (WSET)

what is flair bartendering by WFA (world flair Association)

Flair is described in the english dictionary

(i) a natural/ genius talent or apititude;
(ii) distinctive elegance or style;
(iii) instinctive discernment; keenness;
Flair bartending dates back to the early 1800's where bartenders used to mix fire liquids in order to impress their customers. Today flairing is considered a sport and a lifestyle by many. It combines and explosive mix of grace, agility and danger and it climaxes, not in the reedy whine of a referee's whistle, but in a cracking cocktail.
Dancing with glass and liquids ensures the full & complete attention of both performing bartender and spectator alike. Add music, photographers, screaming audiences and a double shot of intense competition and you begin to appreciate the skill levels displayed by the World's best flair bartenders.
The World Flair Association is a global network brought together by four giant names in the World of Flair, who felt there was a need in promoting & assisting different countries in their events by sharing their combined experiences gained by being heavily involved within the Flair and the service industry in general.
Whether in competition, exhibition or behind the bar the WFA prides itself in the sharing of knowledge, good times and providing the platform for modern ethical performance bartending and events organisation.
Since it's launch in the beginning of 2008 the WFA has gone from strength to strength and have seen unprecedented succes by linking like minded individuals the world over with the same passion and drive for the sport or art of flair as we can now proudly call it.

The WFA Team

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10 Service Tips for Bartenders by Flair ology Bar School & Events

It takes some savvy and charisma, along with a knowledge of drinks, to be a successful bartender. This is one of those jobs in which your success depends on your personality more than anything else. You need to a provider of drinks, a server, an organizer, a cashier, a friend, a psychiatrist and a neat freak. Customer service is the key because the majority of your income will come from tips and there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to this part of working the bar.

1. Have a Good Attitude

This is the hospitality industry and every bartender needs to remember that. To be successful you need to keep a good attitude, no matter how bad your day is going, and treat every customer the same. Simple things like a smile and greeting when a patron sits down and thanking them when they leave can make the biggest impressions.
It takes some savvy and charisma, along with a knowledge of drinks, to be a successful bartender. This is one of those jobs in which your success depends on your personality more than anything else. You need to a provider of drinks, a server, an organizer, a cashier, a friend, a psychiatrist and a neat freak. Customer service is the key because the majority of your income will come from tips and there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to this part of working the bar.

1. Have a Good Attitude

This is the hospitality industry and every bartender needs to remember that. To be successful you need to keep a good attitude, no matter how bad your day is going, and treat every customer the same. Simple things like a smile and greeting when a patron sits down and thanking them when they leave can make the biggest impressions.

2. Keep the Bar Clean
Nothing says unprofessional bartender (or one who simply doesn't care) more than a dirty bar. Use clean bar towels to wipe down the bar top anytime you see water or spills. Keep the bar back straightened by putting bottles back where you got them right away. Dispose of empty glasses, straw wrappers, napkins and other garbage as soon as you see it. Replace cocktail napkins regularly. These seemingly little things make a great impression and can often be done when you're headed back to the tap empty handed. You'll probably hear it from the boss too, but it's true: "If you have time to lean, you have time to clean."

3. Make Suggestions

This is one of the things that will tip customers off that you care about their experience. If you see a woman perusing the cocktail menu for 5 minutes, make a suggestion. If a couple sits down and look indecisive, make a suggestion. When you are greeting someone, set a cocktail napkin on the bar and tell them about that day's drink specials. If you have a regular come in who gets the same thing every time try suggesting something similar, or offer the same drink with that new spirit you just got in stock. Eight times out of ten the customer is going to take your advice because you are an expert and they will show you their gratitude.

4. Memory, Memory, Memory

You are going to have waitresses yelling drink order after drink order, drinkers at the bar who hate to see empty glasses in front of them, and about 20 things that you have to check the stock on. A good short memory of a bartender is one of the keys to success and to keeping a busy bar under control. You should be able to retain multiple drink orders and associate them within the party so they go out together, recall what each of the people at the bar is drinking for the next round, and remember the names (and possibly other personal details) of your regulars along with what drinks they prefer. Also, have a good stock of drinks in your memory banks, beginning with the most popular and any local favorites.

5. Anticipate, Anticipate, Anticipate

As a bartender you need to be aware of everything in your bar and be prepared. How is your stock of lemons and limes? Do you need clean glasses or beer restocked? Is the keg or ice bin getting low? What about the drinks at the bar? If you see a customer's drink getting down to the last few sips, ask if they want another. If you anticipate the needs of the bar everything will go nice and smooth (hopefully).

6. Be Fair

It is human nature to give preferential treatment to one person over another, but a bartender has to drop that habit. You should be showing the same amount of care and attention to everyone at your bar, old friend and newcomer alike. Avoid getting into a deep conversation with one patron and not scanning the rest of the bar for drinks that need to be filled, napkins that need to be replaced and tabs that need to be cashed in. If you ignore one person that tip will reflect the neglect.

7. Be Honest

Every person who walks through the door is entrusting you, as the bartender, with a good experience and one of the worst things you can do is to break that trust. Underpouring and overcharging will quickly get you a very bad reputation that might cost your job and possibly impact future prospects in the area. Inflating tabs for money in your own pocket or a drink for a friend is purely unacceptable and unprofessional.

8. Don't Fixate on Tips

It is true, in the bar your tips will probably make up the majority of your income. However, if you are obsessed about everyone giving you the best (or even customary 15-20%) gratuity every time then it will show on your face. If a customer leaves a dollar on the bar after ordering 3 mixed drinks in 2 hours and you give a look of disgust, other patrons will notice and their perception of you will not be favorable. Take the tips you are given, do your best every time and the pay will add up. Some people are just stingy and you can't help that. Also, don't "beg" for tips, this is simply bad etiquette.

9. Card, Card, Card

It is your responsibility to make sure everyone drinking in your bar is of legal age to do so. If you have even the slightest question that someone is 21, ask for their ID. It's a simple question that will save you a lot of hassle if they are underage. At first you may not think this a customer service issue, but it ensures that everyone at the bar is having a good, legal time. Consequences for serving a minor are severe, can cost you and the business a lot of money, and likely your job. Younger drinkers will often get offended at this request, counter that by simply explaining it is a part of your job. For older people who look just a little too young, this can often be flattering, especially for women in their late 20's and early 30's.

10. Most of All, Be Professional

All of the points above allude to this point, but it is important for you to project a professional attitude and appearance. Customers will trust you and come back again if they had a great experience. Keeping the conversations friendly, wearing clean clothes appropriate for the establishment and maintaining a professional attitude will create an environment patrons and management will appreciate. Bartending is a profession and even if you are using it as a temporary gig to get through college, you need to treat it as such. Most of all, have fun as it will show.

Bartending Basics

Bartending Basics

Rimming a Glass - Photo Credit: Colleen Graham
As you begin your journey in the world of cocktails you'll most likely come across many recipes that ask you to shake this and muddle that along with a few other common bartending techniques. These methods are the commonly required in the majority of cocktails. With a little practice, by making drinks for yourself and friends, these drink preparations will become second nature.

5 Steps to Better Cocktails

 1.Upgrade Your Liquor Cabinet
Zyr Russian VodkaThere is a significant difference between the distilled spirits on the top shelf and the bottom shelf of the liquor store. Your drinks will reflect the quality of their ingredients and, because liquor is typically the strongest ingredient in a drink, it is important to spend a little extra money on quality. A Martini made with a 5 dollar bottle of gin is going to be disappointing compared to one made with a 40 dollar bottle of gin. That doesn't mean that you have to spend a fortune every time you go to the liquor store. There are very good mid-range brands available that are perfect for "everyday" mixing that cost around $20-30 a bottle. This simple upgrade will start your cocktails off on the right foot.

2. Use Fresh Ingredients

Ginger Mary Cocktail - Sagatiba Pura Cachaca Rum
Whenever possible choose fresh instead of canned or bottled ingredients for your cocktails. This primarily refers to fruit juices but can also be applied to other mixers such as using a soda siphon as opposed to buying bottled soda water or club soda and making your own simple syrup, sour mix or grenadine. With fruits the answer can be as simple as squeezing lemons, limes and oranges with a hand juicer or getting an electric juicer to make fresh apple, cranberry, pear or any other type of fresh fruit juice. Many of the bottled mixers will include unwanted additives that take away from the freshness of the cocktail.

3. Match the Drink and Glass Temperature

Pomegranate Margarita - Cabo Wabo Tequila
This seems like a simple, possibly unnecessary, step to mixing drinks but it makes a world of difference. When you are serving cold drinks, chilling the glass before pouring will keep the drink colder longer and the experience of drinking is better from beginning to end. This can be as simple as placing a glass in the freezer for a minute or pouring cold water or ice in the glass while you shake and dumping it out before the pour. The same theory applies to warm drinks. If you are making a Hot Toddy, warm up the glass before hand by pouring some hot water inside while you're preparing the ingredients. Nothing ruins a drink worse than getting to the bottom and a cold drink is warm or a warm drink is cold and this simple step can stop that.

4. Use Garnishes When Appropriate

Not every cocktail needs to be garnished but those that do call for a lemon, lime, orange or whatever depend on that addition for flavor and balance. Garnishes also complete the drink's presentation. For instance, a Gin and Tonic without the lime is missing that essential, subtle citrus and a Martini without the olives lacks the soft brine flavor that infuses the drink. Garnishes are important and even if their absence doesn't ruin the finished drink, it certainly is not enhancing it like it was designed to do.

5. Measure Everything

Bar Jigger - Measuring in a Bar - Bar Tools
The importance of measuring cocktail ingredients cannot be stressed enough if your desire is to create great tasting drinks consistently. Many people skip this step because it's time consuming or because they like the show of a free pour. Granted, many bartenders who work in busy establishments rarely touch a jigger, but they also pour a lot of drinks and know the timing needed to pour a shot. Measuring ensures that you are creating the cocktail in the way it was meant to be and an over or under pour of a single ingredient can throw off the delicate balance of a drink. Also, if you are drinking and mixing, your perception of measuring can be thrown off. Chris Milligan has a great perspective on this theory and a fun story.


When to Shake and When to Stir Cocktails


When to Shake:
Shake cocktails when they include fruit juices, cream liqueurs, simple syrup, sour mix, egg, dairy or any other thick or flavorful mixers. Shaking will create a strained drink with a cloudy, effervescent look at first that will clear up within a few minutes after straining.

When to Stir:
Stir cocktails that use distilled spirits or very light mixers only. Stirring is a more gentle technique for mixing cocktails and is used to delicately combine the drinks with a perfect amount of dilution. Many gin and whiskey cocktails are stirred because shaking is said to "bruise" the spirit.