Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Secret of perfect cocktail by

The secret of Perfect cocktail 

Beverages concoction  have been always very confusing, how to match & balance flavour, so many bottles 
Which to use? 
Why to use ?
When to use?
How much to use?

There is simple  solution to it, do not try to mix to many thing at one time without knowing , 
Try the classic concoction first, I mean the classic cocktail , they have been tried, tested and now a legacy, try them get a knack of flavour profiling, once you know the taste of your classic cocktail,
several book and recipe are available online. choose any collect the ingredient and start making
Now making a classic is easy, but how to make is perfect is more important , recipe will call for measurement and appropriate technique. but what is the most important part is the experience... you created 
so that is by I Say 
"Classic cocktail were created ages ago, but we can make it perfect by adding love, Shaking and stirring with passion and serving with a smile."

Now your Cocktail is perfect 

Now going further you can tweet with one flavour or ingredient at a time over period of time you will start understanding the flavour 

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